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First Time Home Buyer Course


You probably started the home buying process in one of two ways: 

  • 1) You saw a home you were interested in buying or
  • 2) You consulted a lender to figure out how much money you could borrow before you found a home  

  •  Once you know what you qualify for as a buyer the next step is to begin your search for your new home. 
  •  Once you find your new home then you sign an agreement of sale with the seller (known as a Sales Purchase agreement.)
  •  Once you come to terms with a Seller and have a fully executed Sales Purchase agreement you follow by applying for a mortgage loan with a Lender (normally with the same Lender with whom you were initially pre-qualified) to purchase your new home. 
  •  Once the loan is approved, the final step is called “settlement” or “closing,” where the legal title to the property is transferred to you.
  • At each of these steps you often have the opportunity to negotiate the terms, conditions and costs to your advantage. 
  • This program will highlight such opportunities.  You will also need to shop carefully to get the best value for your money.  There is no standard home buying process used in all localities.  Your actual experience may vary from those described here. 
  • This program takes you through the general steps to buying a home, to eliminate, as much as possible, the mysteries of the home buying process.