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   B.E.A.T. is a non-profit organization founded to guide the current generation to a better future. We focus all resources and time on developing a strong unique financial strategy and legal means for those in need. 

  B.E.A.T. provides personalized financial consulting services and it concentrates on helping our clients organize, grow and protect their wealth. 

  B.E.A.T. not only focuses on achieving personal wealth and financial independence, but also on the individual health of each person.  We feel that with out personal health all other  means will be unattainable. 

  Our organization has teamed up with various professionals from different industries to design a plan that creates a more efficient and productive approach to prevent  obesity and diabetes among our children and to also help control this same affliction in the elderly. 

What We’re Doing

  We began this journey many years ago.  We have been striving all our lives to help people and have worked hard to put ourselves in a position that would allow us to make this a reality.  The many years of struggle, hard work and perseverance is the culmination of B.E.A.T. Inc.
  Now that we are here we want to impact the lives of others through the many different channels and mediums that define our society.  People need help in many ways and we wanted to create an organization that provides assistance and guidance with education, health, finances, credit and nutrition among many other.  Our idea is to create a place where people can come to heal to the mind, body and soul.
  In our society today there are many different things that affect people and their families.  Today's world is a complex one.  
  We have put together a team of professionals and scholars that are eager and willing to donate their time and expertise for the benefits of others.  They cover the fields of law, accounting, finance, real estate, nutrition, credit and criminology.
  With your help we can achieve great things and ultimately help others with Business Education Assistance Tomorrow and furthermore suffice all the other needs that make a person whole.

Business & Educational Assistance for Tomorrow, INC


President: Jeniffer Fuentes

Secretary: Anna C. Fernandez

Treasure: Beatriz Landa


Areas of expertise: 
Finance, Family Law, Accounting, Management and Fundraising Events

e-mail: solutions@beatheodds.org

PH: 1+813.575.BEAT

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The Lives We Impact: