Family law

  1.  Child Support
  2.  Time sharing issues and scheduling
  3.  Adoptions
  4.  Simplified divorces
  5.  Assistance for pro-se litigants; and several uncontested matters.


  1.  What its credit. Checking my credit. Using my credit
  2.  Pay day and Cash Advances
  3.  Debts. Get out of Debts. Managing Debts
  4.  Trade lines. Secure credit cards vs. Credit Cards
  5.   FICO Score an standards. FCRA and standards


  1.  What to know about budgets
  2.  Making a budgeting plan
  3.  What to do when it comes to budgets

 Health and Fitness

  1.  Fitness and Nutrition. 
  2.  Obesity and Diabetes prevention and/or control
  3.  Bullying. Immigrants and bullying​​

Educational Seminars

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  1.  How to purchase a home & Pre-qualification Process
  2.  Government Assistance Programs available for purchase
  3.  Getting in contact with the right people
  4.  Realtors and my purchase
  5.  First time home buyers program
  6. How to fix and finance my home

​ Scams

  1.  Money Wiring Scams
  2.  How does it work?
  3.  Spotting money wiring


 Identity Thefts

  1.   Avoiding Identity Thefts
  2.  Protecting my Identity
  3.  Recovering from Identity Thefts
  4.  Stealing my Identity
  5.  Identity thefts, Income base return, and Taxes


  1.  Integration into the United States community
  2.  Immigration forms & Governmental facilities 
  3. ​ How job Scams works. Avoiding scams