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B.E.A.T. can gladly announced that for 2016 have more that 35 sponsor this year. On behalf of Business and Educational Assistance for Tomorrow, Inc, thank you for being a generous sponsor of B.E.A.T. the Odds Fundraising Event hold on March, 23, 2016.

With your support, the event raised a great amount, which ensures the development of more financial and legal programs and the potential of reaching other communities outside Miami Dade County.

B.E.A.T. is a non-profit organization founded to guide the current generation to a better future. We focus all resources and time on developing a strong unique financial strategy and legal means for those in need. 

  B.E.A.T. provides personalized financial consulting services and it concentrates on helping our clients organize, grow and protect their wealth. 

  B.E.A.T. not only focuses on achieving personal wealth and financial independence, but also on the individual health of each person.  We feel that without personal health all other means will be unattainable.