BEAT will be participating in the following event:

​ 101 Business Development
-Credit & Finance
-Business Plan
-Goals as a business men/women
Our specialist will also provide presentation discussing numerous topics involving, credit, income, and financial capacity to invest.

On-site Audits & Counseling

We evaluate your needs and best practices, thus recommending improvements and implementing fresh start training.


ATTENTION: Due to the Novel Corona-virus outbreak all events have been canceled and will be provided via web .

Please reach out for capacity and registration

Tactical & Control Team

Our team of experts will differentiated main strategy.

 While Improving procedures and focusing on your aim structure; concurrently managing the entire business operation.

Resources & areas of Expertise

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Legal Compliance

By archiving your business goal ensuring that your team comply with relevant laws, policies and regulations .


Please submit your request if you are interested in participate in any of our courses.

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Event Calendar 

BEAT will be participating in the following event:

​Monthly Seminars for First Time Home Buyers and/or Home Owners.
-Credit & Finance
-Real Estate & Investment Opportunities
-Down Payment Assistance. 
-Purchase & Refinance
“There are so many loan programs out there to support home buyers and most people have no idea they exist. My team provides excellent service, and we care about these people and families deciding to enlist us to represent them with such an important decision.”
In this economy, which is credit driven, it is very important to maintain a clean and beneficial credit profile. We too are consumers and need credit to function within this economy and we understand the importance of credit on daily basis.

We have committed ourselves to helping others by educating and teaming up with numerous professionals so we can can assist the community by providing 101 consulting through our monthly seminars .